What is Physiotherapy?

Our treatment is aimed for enabling those whose mobility has been deterioratedby a disease or injury to recover movement necessary for daily lives by means of exercise or electric therapy including the field of internal, surgical, cerebral surgery, and orthopedic surgery.
Our treatment is not limited to impaired persons. We also provide treatment to unimpaired persons such as recovery from poor physical conditions caused by one’s lifestyle or preventive measures for reduction in muscle volume caused by aging.
We will judge symptoms of each person through inspection based on medical science in order to provide treatment suitable for each person.


ISHII LIFE SUPPORT  Physiotherapy Clinic is located in Sathorn district of Bangkok and can be accessed conveniently by car or public transportations such as BTS.
Under supervision by a Japanese physical therapist, we provide safe and effective Japanese style physical therapies by utilizing two treatment rooms and a consultation room and ultrasonic therapy/electric therapy equipment by Japanese manufacturer.
For those who are suffering from recurring pain even after manipulative treatment or massage care. For those who are suffering from shoulder/back pain or other chronic pain.
For those who are suffering from after affects from brain infarct or nervous disease. For those who want to increase drive further when playing golf. For those who are concerned with one’s body line after giving birth. Do not hesitate to come to consult with us!

Ultrasonic therapy equipment
Because of hyper-thermic effectand high-speed massage effect, our treatment can reach deep into inner parts of muscles and warm up hardened muscles.
Total electric therapy equipment
Potential functionalities can be improved in various ways by providing different types of electric stimuli to paralyzed muscles or weakened muscles after injury.
Red Code
Our revolutionary exercise equipment, which are used by top athletes in 20 countries, utilizes adjustable band and can be used by people of all ages regardless of the type diseases.


Do you feel unable or uncomfortable to move your body? Have you ever given up to continue your hobby or to pursue what you want to do or try for the reason of your age?
Our clinic aims to achieve a goal based on treatment plan customized for each person.

Our Value

Japanese craftsmanship has been highly appreciated around the world for its diligence and skillfulness since the old days.
Our Japanese style physical therapy treatment provide you with treatment customized for each person while paying close attention each and every detail. In other words, we provide treatments by a craftsman focusing on each client.



Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese and Thai.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese and Thai.



26/55 Chan Space Building 2nd FL, Nanglinchi Rd, 
Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok

Tel 02-287-1477